Silicon Quantum Computing

On-site, local manufacturing

October 16. 2022

On-site, local manufacturing

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SQC devices are manufactured in our on-site atomic-scale chip production environment


SQC manufactures all its devices in a dedicated on-site atomic-scale fabrication line developed over the past 20 years, leveraging ~$150 million of infrastructure at UNSW Sydney.

Our facilities include globally unique and extensive atom manipulation and crystal growth facilities that sit alongside a dedicated clean-room facility for rapid device development. Chip development cycles can be as fast as 3-days to 2 weeks.

These manufacturing facilities are in the same building as our considerable cryogenic measurement facilities with enabling rapid processor characterisation and operation. This complete line, coupled with specialised high frequency, low noise cryogenic control puts us in a commanding position to deliver quantum processors of value.

By 2028 the company expects to double the size of these operations, with the expectation that facilities will expand to larger premises in Western Sydney by the end of the decade.

Creating jobs in Australia

World-leading local based manufacturing ensures we capitalise on the wide range of deep-tech skills developed through the Centre of Excellence and is attracting an industry of component manufacturers, control system providers and app developers. We are building a vibrant and multifaceted quantum computing industry here in Sydney.

SQC on-site facilities