Silicon Quantum Computing

Our Team

Our Team
Our Team

State-of-the-art facilities and specialist equipment are an integral part of our success – but that’s just half the story. Our achievements will be delivered by the brilliance, insight and hard work of our devoted team – hand-picked from across the globe to help change our world.

Lead Scientists

Quantum physics is hard. Technology at the forefront of human endeavour is hard. But that is what makes it worth it. I strongly believe that the things that are most worth doing in life are nearly always hard to do.

Michelle Simmons

  • Director, SQC & Director, Centre of Excellence;
  • Editor-in-Chief, Nature Quantum Information.
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Scientia Professor Simmons has pioneered a powerful technology for creating electronic devices in silicon with atomic precision. Her team has developed the world’s first single-atom transistor, the world’s narrowest conducting wires and have demonstrated the ability to encode information on single atoms with record fidelity, spin relaxation and coherence times.

Michelle is an Officer of the Order of Australia, and a Fellow of the Royal Society, the American Academy of Arts and Science, the American Association of the Advancement of Science, the UK Institute of Physics, the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering and of the Australian Academy of Science.


  • Order of Australia
  • Australian of the Year
  • Asia Pacific 2017 L’Oreal-UNESCO Women in Science Laureate
  • US Foresight Institute Feynman Prize in Experimental Nanotechnology

It is exciting to develop hardware that sustains the fragile nature of quantum phenomena and harnesses the power of quantum mechanics to solve practical problems.

Sven Rogge

  • Scientia Professor of Physics at UNSW Sydney
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Professor Rogge joined CQC2T in 2011 and in 2014 was awarded a Scientia Professorship in recognition of his research performance.  He manages the experimental Silicon Qubit Environment and Interface Program which aims to understand the impact of the environment on the orbital and spin properties of qubits, including that of decoherence processes. Sven has made significant advances in understanding the physics of spin defects in semiconductors and their potential for quantum applications. He has published more than 130 articles and more than 3,000 citations.


  • Fellow of the American Physical Society (FAPS)
  • ARC Future Fellow
  • Fellowship of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

A full-scale quantum computer will be one of mankind’s greatest technological achievements, with profound implications for humanity. Creating one is a huge challenge, but something that’s hugely worthwhile.

Andrew Dzurak

  • Scientia Professor of Electrical Engineering at UNSW Sydney;
  • Director, ANFF-NSW.
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Professor Dzurak is Director of the NSW node of the Australian National Fabrication Facility. ANFF–NSW is valued at more than $30 million and is crucial to CQC2T’s silicon qubit programs.

Andrew leads SQC’s project focusing on CMOS-compatible qubits. In 2012, together with Professor Andrea Morello, he demonstrated the world’s first silicon qubits based on single phosphorus atoms and in 2015 his team demonstrated the world’s first two-qubit logic gate in silicon in a CMOS-compatible device.   He has published more than 170 scientific papers and is a co-inventor on 11 patent families.


  • NSW Science and Engineering Award for Engineering and Information and Communications Technologies
  • Eureka Prize for Scientific Research

Senior Research Fellows

Dr Matthew G. House

  • Senior Research Fellow
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Matthew completed his Ph. D. in 2012 at UCLA in Los Angeles, California, USA and is now a senior researcher at UNSW and a co-Program Manager in the Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology.

Dr Arne Laucht

  • Senior Lecturer and Scientia Fellow at the University of NSW
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Arne is an experimental quantum physicist with expertise in semiconductor quantum computation and spin control. He has an academic co-leadership role in SQC’s project focusing on CMOS-compatible qubits.

Dr Joris Keizer

  • Senior Research Fellow 
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Joris received his PhD in 2012 and is widely respected as an expert in atomic scale quantum device fabrication. In addition to his work with SQC, he is currently developing 3D fabrication techniques for error correction in the Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology.

Team members

Our team represents a diverse group of individuals from across the globe. Their collective hard work and vital contribution has allowed us to achieve every milestone and breakthrough.
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