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About Us

Creating our Future

Quantum computing won’t just change how we use, process and understand information. It will also allow us to create faster, more efficient computers that will quickly become the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence machines.

Silicon Quantum Computing’s vision is to make this happen for the betterment of humankind. By creating technology at the cutting edge of science, and by using it in ways that are life enhancing, human-centred and world changing.

Our Objectives

Short Term 1

Atomic-scale integrated circuit

Demonstrating the capability required to reliably produce an integrated circuit at atomic scale by 2023.

Medium Term 2

100 Qubit Quantum Processor

Delivering a programmable device based on a one hundred (100) qubit quantum processor embodying error correction by 2028.

Long Term 3

Error corrected quantum computer

Enabling access to useful Quantum Computing solutions for a broad audience of users across multiple use cases by 2033.


Our Experience

Magnitude of Acceleration

Forward-thinking ambition requires genuinely visionary backers. That’s why Silicon Quantum Computing launched in May 2017 with over A$83 million of capital funding from the Australian Commonwealth Government, UNSW Sydney, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Telstra Corporation and the State Government of New South Wales.

SQC’s foundation intellectual property was developed at the Australian Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communications Technology (CQC2T). Led by a team of brilliant thinkers, including 2018 Australian of the Year Professor Michelle Simmons AO and her colleagues Professors Sven Rogge, Andrew Dzurak and Andrea Morello, CQC2T produced many ‘World firsts’. These included the longest coherence times; highest fidelity qubits in a solid state; the ability to optically address single dopant atoms in silicon; the lowest noise silicon devices; and the first two 2 qubit gate in silicon.

Our People

Powered by Passion

Even at the cutting-edge, technology depends upon a network of collective minds; each focused on solving individual challenges to achieve a shared vision. Put simply, it relies on people power brought to life through inspiring leadership.

Led by Professor Michelle Simmons AO, SQC’s unique collaborative and competitive spirit is driven by a relentlessly curious mindset that questions convention and strives for brilliance. Yet there is no secret to this formula – it simply comes down to dedication, passion and hard work.

Michelle Simmons

Founder and Director

Meet the team

Dedicated and determined – we’re a team that brings collaboration and competition together.

Our Facilities

Leading the World

The Company’s laboratories have a long and auspicious history. Since 1999, UNSW Sydney has fostered a state-of-the-art quantum research facility on its campus at Kensington through CQC2T. Today, thanks to significant investment coupled with a determined vision, the new and continually developing lab infrastructure has been purpose built to carry SQC’s work well into the future.

In addition to 43 scientists, researchers and technicians, SQC has invested over A$15 million into specialist equipment and inputs. This includes scanning tunnelling microscopes (STMs), dilution fridges that operate at a cool 0.003K, electron beam lithography devices, and purified Si28 to help deliver the atomic-scale integrated circuit prototype by 2023.



0researchers and technicians
0dot quantum integrated circuit by 2023
0state-of-the-art labs
0atomic fabrication resolution (nm)
0years in research development
0times faster than other Si 2-qubit gates

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