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We’re expanding the SQC team

July 11. 2022

We’re expanding the SQC team

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Silicon Quantum Computing (SQC) is hiring!

We are focused on the goal of making quantum computers a reality based on our globally-leading atom-qubits in silicon technology.

Based at UNSW Sydney and working alongside the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology (CQC2T or Centre), SQC is growing with 4 new positions within the Cryogenic Operation and Scale-up team to support the development of a 100-qubit quantum processor as the team works to scale from 10-qubit to 100-qubit architectures within the decade. These new roles will join the team led by Professor Michelle Simmons who has an international reputation for pioneering radical new atomic scale fabrication technology.

To learn more about these roles and apply, click on the links below.


Junior Multi-Qubit Device Physicist


Multi-Qubit Device Physicist

Applications close 1 August 2022


RF Quantum Computing Device Engineer


RF Quantum Computing Device Research Scientist

Applications close 8 August 2022