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Sam Gorman awarded prestigious ARC industry fellowship

May 7. 2024

Sam Gorman awarded prestigious ARC industry fellowship

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Sydney, Australia – 6 May 2024 – SQC congratulates Dr. Samuel Gorman, who has been awarded one of 50 prestigious Early Career Industry Fellowships by the Australian Research Council (ARC).

Dr Gorman’s fellowship project at Silicon Quantum Computing aims to improve the performance of small footprint scalable sensors for the state preparation and measurement (SPAM) of semiconductor spin qubits. Using pulse engineering and novel operational protocols SPAM errors will be pushed below the fault-tolerant threshold for large-scale error corrected quantum computing. The project will benefit both researchers and industries further cementing Australia as a leader in the emerging quantum industry.

We congratulate Sam on this well-deserved recognition and look forward to the further transformative impact his research will have on our industry.

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Dr. Samuel Gorman