Silicon Quantum Computing

Silicon Quantum Computing completes asset sale

May 6. 2022

Silicon Quantum Computing completes asset sale

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SQC today announced it has sold the intellectual property and capital equipment related to its SiMOS technology to a new spin-out company.

In May 2017, SQC was launched to commercialise a portfolio of quantum computing hardware technologies developed by UNSW Sydney at the Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communications Technology. The portfolio included the Atom Qubits in Silicon technology invented by Professor Michelle Simmons. It also included a process for silicon CMOS (SiMOS) qubit fabrication technology proposed by Professor Andrew Dzurak.

SQC supported Professor Dzurak to develop the SiMOS technology, including funding for researchers, acquiring specialised capital equipment, and working with French research institute CEA Leti to develop a joint venture spin out company to commercialise the technology.

In December 2019, SQC announced a strategic decision to focus on its Atom Qubits in Silicon hardware, while continuing to prosecute and manage the SiMOS technology patent portfolio and provide access to laboratories and equipment.  SQC has now announced that these SiMOS assets have been transferred to a new spin out company formed and funded by UNSW Sydney and Allectus Capital.

Stephen Menzies, Chair of SQC, said, “In our mission to build the world’s first commercial grade quantum device, the Board decided that the fastest path was to establish separate commercial entities for each technology and focus our efforts on building Atom Qubits in Silicon as the pathway to meet our goals.”

In addition to the transfer of assets, SQC and the new spin-out company have entered into arrangements to commission and share new intellectual property relevant to both technologies developed at UNSW Sydney.

This deal reinforces UNSW’s position as the leading academic institute for quantum computing hardware in Australia. SQC is a global leader in quantum computing and a proud supporter of Australia’s emerging quantum computing ecosystem.


SQC remains focused on the development of its proprietary Atom Qubits in Silicon quantum computing technology, with a goal of delivering a commercial device by 2028.

Further information on SQC’s activities can be found on the Silicon Quantum Computing website: with background material provided in the appendix below.

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