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SQC Releases Semiconductor Qubit Readout Benchmarking Tool

March 17. 2021

SQC Releases Semiconductor Qubit Readout Benchmarking Tool

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SQC Releases Semiconductor Qubit Readout Benchmarking Tool for Community Use

The ability to benchmark qubit technology as it evolves is essential for our goal of enabling useful quantum computing. In recognition of this, SQC has today released a tool to benchmark device readout fidelity, announced at the 2021 American Physical Society’s March Meeting. Developed by researcher, Daniel Keith, the tool is available for community use on the open-source platform, Github:


The process of operating a qubit device follows three steps: initialisation, control, and readout. During his PhD research, Daniel realised that in contrast to qubit control, where tools for one and two-qubit gate benchmarking are well established, there was not an effective tool to benchmark qubit readout. Given that SQC is focused on manufacturing atom qubits in silicon, Daniel optimised the benchmarking tool for these systems but anticipates that this tool will be useful for all research groups working to develop semiconductor qubit hardware.

A significant benefit of this benchmarking tool is that it allows diagnostic analysis of readout performance so that future hardware designs can be improved. SQC will be incorporating the use of this tool into our device development workflow.

SQC appreciates the thought leadership and diligence demonstrated by Daniel and his co-workers to develop a tool that benefits the wider spin-qubit community towards the goal of delivering practical quantum computing.

Further information on SQC’s activities can be found on the Silicon Quantum Computing website: