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Changes to Silicon Quantum Computing’s Program

March 27. 2020

Changes to Silicon Quantum Computing’s Program

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Silicon Quantum Computing (SQC) wishes to announce it has taken steps to refine and focus its technology development program to ensure it delivers on its objective of creating a ten (10) qubit silicon quantum processor prototype by 2023 and on its plans to bring commercially useful quantum computing to market.

To achieve this, the Company has determined to:


  • Focus its efforts to develop and expand its principal technology platform, the Donor Qubit technology, led by former Australian of the Year, Scientia Professor Michelle Simmons and her colleague Professor Sven Rogge. This involves the Company funding UNSW to hire additional researchers and technical staff and acquiring new specialised equipment, as well as SQC establishing a small number of direct collaborative arrangements with potential end users of QC technology.


  • At the same time, the Company has terminated its funding of the SiMOS Project. SQC is supportive of the scientific advancements in this platform, but recognises that it cannot continue to fund technology development without the prospect of commercialisation. SQC has worked for nearly three years with SiMOS lead, Professor Andrew Dzurak, to identify a commercial CMOS fabrication partner essential for this technology, but has been unable to secure such a partner. The Company is in discussions with UNSW to ensure the continuity of this research.


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